Media Partner Opportunity

We are excited to announce our Media Partner initiative.

Our objective is to create a nationwide network of media partners to help cultivate state and local news, published on our national news platform, making relevant news to people across the country.

Our platform has worldwide as well as nationwide news and traffic.  We have accomplished that objective, but need local partners spread around the county to help discover and publish local news on our world wide news platform truly creating a proprietary news search engine.

The media partner relationship will be governed by a license agreement, that requires an upfront, non-refundable license fee and ongoing revenue sharing generated by the sell of advertising, press releases, sponsored content, social media posts and more.

Our generous revenue sharing will be settled with media partners on a fully disclosed basis within a 48-hour period after receipt of funds.  We will accept payment from customer using PayPal and settle with media partners using PayPal.

Our media partners will be responsible for publishing news in their state, discover new news sources, sell adverting, sell press release distribution, sell social media posts and more as we jointly discover new potential revenue streams.  We do provide a significant amount of state news for our publishers to publish on a daily basis.

Our media partners control their advertising pricing allowing maximum flexibility to negotiate deals with customers.

Our news platform, STL.News is shown on Google News, Bing News, Apple News, News360, Blogarama, RSS.News, FeedPublish and shared on social media for maximum online visibility.

For more information please call Marty at 417-529-1133 or Dave at 636-388-2585.