The general structure of the relationship between us and our media partners are:

  1. We will provide a relevant online news platform that is properly indexed with all major search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and more.
  2. We will do everything possible to be included in online news aggregators such as Google News, Bing News, Apple News, and Blogarama.  We say this because we have no control over their news guidelines.
  3. We will provide a reliable hosting environment.  Hosting is one of the most important factors of high ranking websites.  The site must load quickly and be online providing readers with the content they desire.  We self-host with high speed Dell servers using high-speed fiber bandwidth and connect the site (s) with a worldwide content delivery system (CDN), additionally providing security.
  4. We will provided training to discover local news sources and potential sources of revenue.
  5. We will continue to provide worldwide news and national news provided by The Associated Press.
  6. We jointly collect revenues and immediately share media partners share within a 48 hour period after receipt enhancing cash flows to our media partners.
  7. The relationship between us and our media partners will be regulated through a license agreement.

Our media partners shall provided:

  1. The license agreement requires timely publishing of certain news items provided by us.  This is a contractual obligation requiring reliable and timely publishing of state news.  Failure to publish certain news shall be perceived to be a violation of the license agreement creating cause for termination.
  2. New local news sources and publishing that news timely and reliably.
  3. Customers for advertising, press release distribution, social media posts and more.
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