STL.News – seeking Media Partners in each state

We offer media partner opportunities for each state through a license agreement that allows media partner startups the ability to publish state and local news, sell advertising, press releases, social media posts and sponsored content and more using our high ranking, high traffic news platform.

This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, PR firms, news bloggers, social media management firms, journalists, advertising professionals, business consultants or anybody interested in owning their own business leveraging the power and influence of a high tech news platform.

We provide:

  • Access to our news site: STL.News
  • News Sources
  • Ad Spots
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Referral Site (s) – Missouri referral site is https://STLNewsMissouri.com and RSS.News
  • Dedicated domain name specific to each state – for example: STL.News for Missouri can be viewed at http://STLMO.News
  • Google+ page dedicated for each specific state
  • Facebook page dedicated for each specific state
  • Twitter page dedicated for each specific state

Media Partner Responsibilities

  • Publish State News
  • Cultivate Local News Sources
  • Sell Advertising
  • Sell Press Releases
  • Sell Social Media Posts

All revenues generated from the use of our platform will be shared with STL.News to help fund the hosting, design, infrastructure, world and national news provided through a license agreement with AP, as well as ongoing research and development and system enhancements assuring a stable hosting environment.

We will work with you to help increase news sources in your communities.  While the publishing news may take time, it will help increase traffic from your state and communities increasing the value of your ads.  The more traffic your news categories have, the more the ads are worth.

Experienced media professionals and advertising agencies understand online advertising and will recognize your state as a viable advertising source.

In addition to advertising, you can generate revenue from press release distribution, social media post, sponsored content and more.

Our referral sites help to increase our inbound link value and helps refer visitors to your site.

For more information call Mary at 417-529-1133 or Dave at 636-388-2585.


People crave information, which has fueled this technology driven society.  News is the information that informs people.  They want reliable, timely and unbiased news sources, which is consistent with our mission.

Our mission: to provided a comprehensive, reliable, unbiased online news source that is always available to deliver the information that you need.

We will not allow media partners to use the platform in any manner that could be perceived to be biased.

We encourage state news and local news.  This will be easily accomplished with our media partner relationships.

State news includes, state political news, statewide events, college sports, high school sports, local events, and more.  We will work with our media partners to create local news sources, which will increase your state news traffic further enhancing the value of your advertising.


STL.News is an online news publication.  We publish news stories from around the world, licensed to us by the Associated Press (AP), and press releases from governments, states, cities, publicly traded companies and more.

Our content is shown high in search engine search results and our news stories are shown in:

Additionally, our news is aggregated and shown:

In addition to publishing AP, we have created our own proprietary system of sources for additional news from across the globe that is unique and not covered by major media outlets.

Our mission has been to create a news source that includes as much news as possible from across the country, including world news, national news, and most importantly, with the help of our media partners, local news across the country.

Because after all, what one person considers to be relevant news is not considered relevant news by others.  Executive editors are burdened with the decision to report what they consider to be the most popular news ending in all news agencies reporting the same news from different perspectives.

While many might not care about Washington politics, they might care when hunting season starts in Wisconsin or whatever else you can imagine.

In summary, our mission is to create a news source that accomplishes the following:

  • Publish Worldwide News
  • Publish National News
  • Publish Local News by our local news agencies
  • Published on a search engine friendly website so the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and more

Most of the major online news sources are referral sites.  We are creating the webs most massive online news source that does not refer you to others sites, but one place that you can find all of your news that you consider to be relevant news to your life/lifestyle.





California Governor Newsom Names New Members to Regional Judicial Selection Advisory Committees

SACRAMENTO, CA (STL.News) California Governor Gavin Newsom today announced new members to serve on the state’s regional Judicial Selection Advisory Committees (JSACs), which provide preliminary, non-partisan feedback on candidates and help promote a diverse and inclusive nomination process for California’s judiciary. The Governor today named Administrative Presiding Justice of the Sixth District Court of Appeal …

St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson Establishes New $15 per Hour Minimum Wage for City Civil Service Employees

The new minimum wage will be effective mid-February, 2020 ST LOUIS, MO (STL.News) St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson today signed Executive Order #65 establishing $15 per hour as the new minimum wage for all City of St Louis Civil Service Employees.  This increase will be effective mid-February, 2020. Executive Order #65 is one of several …

Missouri Senate News: Punitive Damages Bill Spurs Legal Debate in the Government Reform Committee Hearing

Jefferson City, MO (STL.News) Although we have just completed our first full week, the momentum is building for another successful and eventful session filled with office meetings, district visitors and committee hearings.  Last Wednesday, the governor gave his annual State of the State Address to both chambers, state officials, honored guests and others.  He outlined …