Media Partner Opportunity

STL.News, LLC is a news aggregator, news content provider, news publisher and MLS publisher

STLNews, LLC aggregates news from across the globe.  Our news is direct source news.  Direct source is news provided by foreign, federal, state and local government offices and agencies, publicly traded companies, private companies and more.

After we aggregate the news into our proprietary content management system, we publish news stories selected to target our audience on STL.News (States Top Leading News), which is shown across the web on to maximize online visibility.

Additionally, we are an MLS publisher, meaning, we aggregate MLS listings from MLS providers across the state, specifically, in St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield and Columbia, Missouri, and publish those listings on www.MO.Properties.

Our objective is to provide relevant news and a timely basis that is unbiased and maximize the online visibility of that news.

Our mission will be accomplished with the help of our media partners.  We are seeking a media publishing partners for each state.  It is the perfect opportunity for free lance journalists, PR agencies, and more.

Our goal is to create a nationwide network of qualified journalists/publishers to create “direct source news” network publishing unbiased news that is timely and not your typical news covered by traditional media outlets.

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